Like Butter - Jem Selig Freeman and Laura Woodward

Like Butter is a design and fabrication business owned and run by industrial designer Jem Selig Freeman and sculptor Laura Woodward.

Like Butter functions across multiple industries: from its own furniture and lighting products; to film and animation production; through to one-off commissions for significant design and fabrication projects.

Like Butter has gained a reputation for its approach to design and fabrication that is based on flexible and lateral thinking, strong aesthetics and considered detailing, in order to achieve the simplest and most effective solutions for the project at hand.

As part of Sawdust Bureau's Treemaker initiative, Like Butter pledges to donate 1% of our gross profit to a tree planting or tree protection not-for-profit.

Office & Showroom
30 Chelmsford Street
Kensington Victoria 3031

Strictly by appointment only.
Monday to Thursday 8am — 4pm
First Saturday of the month 9am — 12pm

Custom order enquiry appointments now available via video conference.

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All Enquires

Jem Selig Freeman
Lead Designer/Owner

Laura Woodward

Sarah Bowman
Business Manager

Andrew Batson Graham
Custom Projects Lead

Ralf Rehak
Shelving Specialist

Arron Light
Table Specialist / Product Designer